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Humans of Creative Episode 2: Dinner with the KGB

Have you ever been to dinner with a Russian KGB agent?
Kath Blackham has – and she was just 13 years old at the time.
In Episode 2 of the Humans of Creative podcast, we’re bringing you the most incredible work and life story you’re likely to hear in 2021. We’re chatting to Kath Blackham, founder and CEO of VERSA, a Melbourne-based digital transformation agency specialising in conversational AI. Kath shares the early life experiences which shaped her aims and ambitions, takes us through her adventures working in Europe, Russia and Australia, and explores the impact of greater human productivity on profits and the workers generating them.

This truly unmissable episode will inspire you to grab every chance that comes your way and will leave you wondering where you could go if you could only ignore the fear of failure...

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