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Executive Search
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Find the perfect leadership appointment for your C-level role or board of directors position.

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To move forward and achieve your business goals, you need the right people at the top. Trouble is, they’re hard to find — and even harder to attract. That’s where our ExecHire service comes in. We’ll help you identify, approach and hire the perfect candidates to lead your organisation.

Our Executive Search
& Selection Process

Need an experienced candidate to fill an executive leadership position or seat on the board of directors? Our tried and tested ExecHire process is the way to do it.


Step 1: Discovery

Share the role details, requirements and criteria with us, and we’ll add our own insight. We will act as your brand ambassador to promote and protect your employer brand in the market.


Step 2: Define

We help you define the remit of the executive you want to hire, including role responsibilities, desired experience and specialisms.


Step 3: Research

We’ll begin an extensive and thorough search of the talent within our existing network, and any new potential passive candidates that fit your requirements.


Step 4: Targeting

We’ll narrow down the options to those that only fit the criteria set by you. We will make sure we target the right industry, level of seniority, previous skills and experience as well as cultural add and personality fit for your business.


Step 5: Presentation

We’ll present a shortlist of prospective executive candidates to you, backed by our extensive market research and insights.


Step 6: Interview

We’ll set up first stage interviews with your target candidates - and we’ll even conduct them for you to save your time if you’d like.


Step 7: Offer

We negotiate with the candidate to agree to a mutually beneficial package that entices them to join your organisation.


Step 8: Aftercare

We’ll keep in touch with you and the successful candidate to make sure everything’s going smoothly, well after the offer is accepted and the chosen candidate starts their new executive role.

Our Recent Executive Placements

We have a strong track record of helping businesses find and hire executive leadership talent. Specialising in board level appointments as well as executive AI and Machine Learning positions across some of the world’s leading businesses. Some of the job titles we can help you to recruit for include:

AI Leadership Appointments

  • Chief AI Officer (CAIO)
  • VP AI
  • Senior Director AI
  • Senior Director Engineering AI
  • Director Engineering AI
  • Director Product Management AI
  • VP AI Research
  • Director AI Research
  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Director Data Science

Machine Learning Leadership Appointments

  • VP Machine Learning
  • Senior Director Machine Learning
  • Director Machine Learning
  • Senior Director Machine Learning Engineering
  • Director Machine Learning Engineering
  • VP AI and Machine Learning
  • Director AI and Machine Learning
  • VP Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Director Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Chief Analytics Officer

Technology Leadership Appointments

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Vice President (VP) of Technology
  • Vice President (VP) of Engineering
  • Vice President (VP) of Product
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of Engineering
  • Director of Product
  • Other technology leadership positions

Design Leadership Appointments

  • Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
  • Chief Design Officer (CDO)
  • Vice President (VP) of Creative
  • Vice President (VP) of User Experience
  • Vice President (VP) of Design
  • Director of User Experience
  • Director of Customer Experience
  • Director of Design
  • Other creative leadership positions
“Digitalent spent a lot of time with key members of the team to understand the right personality fit for the business”

Stephen Clarke
Delivery & Operations Director - VERSA Agency

Executive Search & Selection FAQS

What is meant by executive search in recruitment?

Executive search is the process of ‘headhunting’ a candidate to fill a high-level position within a business. Typically, this type of search centres on recruiting for C-level and boardroom roles.

What is the difference between recruitment and executive search?

While recruitment refers to the overall process of hiring new staff to a job role or vacancy, executive search is a more specialised type of recruitment. This focuses on higher level roles and often requires wider research and can be more time consuming than recruiting for lower level positions.

How long do executive searches take?

Executive searches generally take longer than standard recruitment processes. Typically, an executive search can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks, although sometimes this can be longer, particularly for a highly specialised role or a vacancy with limiting criteria.

Why do companies use an executive search service?

One of the main reasons companies use an executive search recruitment service is that it saves time. Because the process can often be lengthy, handing over parts of the process to a recruiter enables the hiring managers to focus on their day job. Recruitment specialists also have access to their own network of candidates, as well as specialised research and negotiation skills which can help them to find and place the right candidates.

How do executive headhunters work?

Executive search is sometimes referred to as ‘headhunting’. This is because it involves a research-led approach to identifying potential candidates, and then approaching them to fill a role. The process includes defining the role requirements and desired skills with the business, before the recruitment firm conducts research, identifies targets, and presents a shortlist to the hiring company. The headhunters can then take on the role of approaching the targets, sometimes even taking over the first interview stage and salary negotiations.

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