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Senior Software Engineer

Job ID: 1266296

Group 21080

Country: Australia
Location: Melbourne
Contract: Permanent

Job Description

About the Company

We are an HR Tech company with a social and economic imperative to be the catalyst for the evolution of work. We are a B Corp and social enterprise which measures our success on impact.

We are helping to create a world where everyone can participate in professional roles at all levels, regardless of your work flexibility requirements. A world where talent strategies reflect the realities of our digital world and society’s needs.

To do this, we have built a new proprietary work design platform to support HR professionals and other leaders to design flexible teams – taking all of the learnings from our consulting practice – and placing them at the fingertips of companies across the world.


About the role

We’re looking for a Senior Developer to work with our existing (& amazing!) software team who have been integral in developing our new platform.

This role will work to develop and enhance the existing features of the new platform – adding tech specs to take it to the next level.

What you’ll bring to us

The platform is built on industry-leading technologies in a cloud native, containerised environment with a service-oriented architecture. Backends developed using modern PHP, Golang and Node serving a GraphQL API. Consuming that API will be React web frontends and possibly React Native apps in the future.

You will be a native polyglot, having excellent skills in PHP, Node and modern frontend javascript.

Ideally you’re also capable in DevOps, working in containerised Docker environments from development through to production. Gitflow, Gitops, CI/CD and TDD are all terms that are second nature to you.

You are a proponent of best practices and software design patterns.

You take pride in the idea of Clean Code and SOLID principles will be second nature to you.

You are concerned with building and maintaining a reliable platform through excellent test coverage, solid operations and working in an flexible Agile team environment.

Some experience (1-2 years) in:

  • PHP – Laravel (ideally), Symfony, similar
  • Node – any server side javascript
  • React – CRA or Nextjs
  • SQL – relational databases
  • Git / Source control – Ideally gitflow
  • CI/CD pipelines – building and maintaining
  • TDD – automated testing
  • Cloud ops – Ideally Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Docker

What we will bring you

  • A smart, passionate and fun team to collaborate with.
  • A flexible working environment where we encourage forward thinking and nurture ideas.
  • We promote excellence at all levels in all roles and will work with you to ensure you are given every tool to succeed.


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Senior Software Engineer


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