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Introducing Humans of Tech, our brand new podcast

Have you ever found yourself listening to interviews with tech leaders and come away with the feeling that you've not got the full picture? Don't worry. We get that too.

At Digitalent, we've always wanted to delve deeper into the backstories of the real thought-leaders and innovators driving this ever-expanding industry. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to know more about how these leaders got to where they are now, including a look-in on some possible hardships they’ve dealt with along the way. 

We believe hearing these stories is incredibly important and motivating if you’re in a similar situation. Hearing about potential life disruptions could be a great way to assure you that you can still reach the top if you’re experiencing those things currently. 

However, unfortunately, we never really found any conversations that fit the bill.

So as a natural progression, we thought, why not provide those insightful backstories ourselves. And that's how we came up with our brand new podcast, Humans of Tech.

Hard-hitting and transparent

Our podcast is unlike any other. It features a whole host of hard-hitting, no-holds-barred conversations that we couldn't find anywhere else. These are the types of conversations that you wouldn’t necessarily reach if you listened to any other podcast.

Our guests are some of the biggest names in Tech who share their open and (painfully) honest conversations. These tech leaders provide some incredible insight. And along with unmissable advice, you too can reach the top of the career ladder and follow in their footsteps.

All we do is give you the means to listen to it. 

Throughout the podcast series, we'll share real-life, human stories about where these reputable names have come from, why they've chosen that path, and how they ended up there. One of our primary goals is to stay completely transparent, so you can expect the same level of hard-hitting topics of conversation every time you listen.

As a listener, you'll have access to some of the most profound conversations you wouldn't necessarily have access to otherwise. This a) gives you an awareness of the backgrounds and stories of some of the industry’s most influential leaders. And b) allows you to apply some of their tips and advice to yourself and your Tech company.

We love providing real stories for our listeners, and if you happen to be a leader in Tech, we’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you. If you’d like to be a guest on our Humans of Tech podcast potentially, please get in touch!

Starting things off with a bang

We think it would be rude not to start with one of our own, wouldn't it?

To kick things off for episode one, we sit down with Chris Morrow, our Founder, and Managing Director. Chris shares some of the deepest moments from his life’s journey, career progression, and the steps he has taken to reach the point he's at today. Letting us in on some info that you wouldn’t have known previously.

Interviewed by Dillan Leslie-Rowe, the first episode will take you through some of the stories that brought Digitalent - Technology & Creative Recruitment to life. 

Trust us. It’s not one to be missed.

Chris talks about his intimate story growing up in the East End of Glasgow in the ’80s and ‘90’s. His Mum’s struggle with alcoholism and how it led to his parent’s divorce aged 7. He talks about the devastating loss of his Mum when he was 12 years old and how that changed his life for the better and how he left Glasgow and his family aged 17 to find his way in the world.

After all of that, if you’d like to give the full episode a listen, click here.

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